MyPAYE Partner Programme for Accountants.


Supports Auto-Enrolment

Our MyPAYE – Payroll Bureau integration now supports full-featured Workplace Pensions management with Auto-Enrolment.

Auto-Enrolment Tools for Accountants

MyDECK Centre

MyDECK Centre

MyDECK Centre allows you to help your client compare, procure and administer their workplace pension without risk or liability to you as their accountant or Payroll bureau. Fully compliant with all stages of the Workplace Pensions Regulations and with a totally integrated expert Help Desk, MyDECK Centre streamlines the process of handling Workplace Pensions and Auto-Enrolment.
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Pension PlayPen

Pension PlayPen

Pension PlayPen is Britain’s leading comparison and pension selection tool. MyPAYE have managed to negotiate a massive discount on the service for our clients. For a one off payment of £149 you can let your clients have access to this online tool which can compare and select their workplace pension through Pension PlayPen, giving you complete peace of mind that you have no liability and they have fulfilled their workplace pensions obligation as an employer. they will also be issued a due diligence certificate. They are also saving over £300 on the normal price.
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Payroll Dashboard

View all client payrolls and their status in one screen with the payroll dashboard, giving you a 360 view of your clients’ payrolls and instant access to each of them.


Run your own branded payroll

Choose from a list of template colour schemes send us your Logo and we will provide the design all you need to do is have a blank page added to your website with a tab to open it from your home page.


Our Partner Program is free to join

Become a MyPAYE Partner and access discounts that you can pass on to your clients.


Monthly billing with full breakdown by client

We will bill you each month or quarter for the number of employees that have been paid during that period. The cost is per employee per month whether they are on a weekly, bi-weekly, four weekly or monthly payrolls. You invoice your client at the price you choose for the service you provide.


Built in Support Centre

Giving clients access to their payroll can mean they might have support issues or questions. Although there is an excellent help section within MyPAYE there might be times when clarification or some extra advice is needed. You provide that support first line through your own cut down version of our support system that alerts you when you r clients place a support call and allows you to interact with your them within the system Improving customer service and collaboration with your clients. If you need help you can then escalate that support issue direct to our team in the background and we will help you to help your client.


Multi-level Access Control

Your clients can enter the data and see the results – AND so can YOU, making it easy to resolve queries or correct errors. You determine just how much a client can see or do. You can choose the level of access depending on your client’s capabilities or how much control of their account you wish to have.


Full Admin Controls

Assign clients payrolls to specific team members. Determine which clients they are able to work with.


Excellent Reporting

Our reporting functionality is quite comprehensive and can be produced and emailed direct to clients or exported to excel for further manipulation.


HMRC communication with RTI

MyPAYE automatically communicates with HMRC retrieving employee notices. Fully RTI compliant with simple one click submission, automated employer notice polling and Includes filing of P9 and P11d expenses and benefits and CIS submissions.


CIS construction industry scheme for subcontractors

MyCIS is available as an option within MyPAYE online payroll and allows you to run basic CIS with full online verification and submissions. MyCIS is quick and easy to set up and simple to use and costs just £1 per person paid per month. Also includes subcontractor verification and CIS 300 submissions.


BACS files and Payments

Produce BACS output file for your clients banking software. Optional online BACS integration with single click payments and full client authorisation process.


MyPAYE supports most pay frequencies

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Four Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually.


P9 and P11D functionality

Calculate and track expenses and benefits with full filing to HMRC. Benefit Payrolling arrives in April 2026 and MyPAYE will handle this for you.


HR functionality

Built in HR including Job History and Salary revues, Training, Next of Kin, Disciplinary, Visual Holiday Calendar, Medical all with full reporting at no extra cost.


No Software to install

MyPAYE is totally cloud based and can be accessed 24/7 from any browser. Our UK data center servers have manned support and full disaster recovery ensuring continued service.


No Back-ups or updates for you to perform

We aim to keep 6 years of data on the system and perform all updates and Back-ups so you don’t have to. Your client’s data is safe with us.


Importer Tool

It’s easy to change-over to MyPAYE with our Employee Importer tool. Simple excel Importing for quick and painless setup.


Testimonial from Bev Johnson MAAT
Sigma Office Solutions Ltd.

My PAYE is a great value for money payroll tool, easy to operate and has many advantages even for the smallest employer.
For me as an agent I can easily email pay slips, summaries and statutory reports to my clients and being online I can access it from any pc and therefore I am not tied to being in my office or at my own laptop to view and access the records.
The advantage of not having to update the software and backup numerous clients’ records saves me time and there is the ability to personalise the payslip to show my agency. The support section has always been timely and helpful even at times of pressure such as year end and when at the inception of the RTI changes.