MyCIS online Construction Industry Scheme Software


CIS construction industry scheme for subcontractors

MyCIS is available as an option within MyPAYE online payroll and allows you to run basic CIS with full online verification and submissions. MyCIS is quick and easy to set up and simple to use and costs just £1 per person paid per month.


Online Verifications and CIS 300 monthly returns

Verification requests are submitted online through the program to determine the tax status of a new subcontractor either individually or as a batch. MyCIS then calculates the amount of deduction to be made from each subcontractor to enable the online submission of the CIS300 at the end of each tax month.


Weekly Pay advice with Monthly CIS 300 reconcile and file

Pay your subcontractors weekly and produce pay advice slips which can be printed or emailed then at the end of the month you can run the CIS 300 produce and file it to HMRC.


Run both MyCIS and staff payroll from MyPAYE

Both payroll and CIS can be run from one MyPAYE system just enable the CIS within the MYPAYE product and you are ready to go couldn’t be easier.


Built in Free Support Centre

Although there is an excellent help section within MyPAYE there might be times when clarification or some extra help or advice is needed the support centre gives us the ability to provide that support first line from our UK based support team.


Bi-directional HMRC communication with RTI

MyPAYE automatically communicates with HMRC retrieving employee notices. Fully RTI compliant with simple one click submission, automated employer notice polling and Includes filing of P9 and P11d expenses and benefits and CIS submissions.


Excellent Reporting and Analysis

MyCIS produces a monthly Payment Certificate for issue to each subcontractor. An optional Pay Advice can be issued to accompany each payment made to a subcontractor and can be printed and or emailed direct to your subcontractor. Our reporting functionality is quite comprehensive and can be produced and exported to excel for further manipulation.


BACS files and Payments

Produce BACS output file for your banking software. Optional online BACS integration with single click payments and full client authorisation process.


Importer Tool

It’s easy to change-over to MyPAYE with our Employee and subcontractor Importer tool. Simple excel Importing for quick and painless setup.


Access your payroll 24/7!

Using an Internet connection, from any browser or mobile device.