MyDECK Centre is great value for employers. For just £1.50 per employee per month, plus £10 per business per month for the support package, you have access to a set of easy to use decks and dashboards to manage Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrolment. Watch the video .
Fully compliant with all stages of the Workplace Pensions Regulations and with a totally integrated expert Help Desk, MyDECK Centre streamlines the process in just a few clicks.


Access & Support
  • Cloud based.
  • Seamless integration with your MyPAYE payroll account. Automatic data sync.
  • Secure, permission based accounts for each user.
  • Support Help Desk for managing Workplace Pensions and auto enrolment from start to finish.
  • Support for selection and set up of pension scheme, auto enrolling staff, set up and payment of contributions to pension provider, plus ongoing support with management of all stages.
  • The support package is designed to ensure you get all the help you need to find and set up a Workplace Pension, auto enrol your staff and manage the process every month going forward.

Workplace Pensions and auto enrolment package within MyDECK Centre.

  • easy to use
  • scalable
  • compliant
  • supported by a knowledgeable help desk team
  • packed with extra features to help your business save time and money

If you just want the auto enrolment package that’s fine, and if you want to subscribe to additional HR decks such as attendance management or toolkits our help desk team can arrange it for you.

How it works

Log into your MyPAYE account (or sign up if you are not already using MyPAYE) and follow the Power-Up links to subscribe. Once you become a subscriber you will immediately receive a link and be able to login to MyDECK Centre.

A quick start guide is available if you want to explore your account and the free on-boarding sessions with one of our friendly customer service team will ensure your set up is trouble free with ongoing support provided.


When you power up to MyDECK Centre your regular payments for payroll software stay the same and in addition you will be charged a subscription fee of £1.50 per employee per month. The support package is just £10 per month per business and is added when you power up MyDECK Centre.

Log in and Power Up to MyDECK Centre NOW!

Express service

If your staging date is less than two calendar months from the date of subscribing your case will be prioritised. A £75 one off charge will be applied.

  • Postponements managed at staging date and for joiners.
  • Auto enrolment assessments carried out including full workforce categorisation according to TPR regulations.
  • Auto enrolment communications to staff by email and exportable for print.
  • Opt-in and an Opt-out management.
  • Contribution calculations pulled from your payroll account.
  • Export templates for input to an extensive range of Pension Providers including:
    · NEST
    · People’s Pension
    · NOW: Pension
    · Legal & General
    · Aegon
    · and many more
    · full integration with pension providers as they release APIs.
Planning Tools
  • Staging date calendar to manage planning and preparation.
  • Forecasting tool to assess employer contributions and planning ahead of staging date based on your actual workforce data.
  • All letters automatically populated with employee data from Personnel Files.
  • All letters automatically issued to staff according to regulatory requirements.
  • Declaration of compliance data export.
  • Record keeping according to TPR regulations.
  • Full audit trail of all employees, their status at each payroll run, the communications issued, pension joining and pension contributions.
  • Payroll cycle and automated task list alerts. Reminds users to complete the procedure each month.
Business Information
  • Flexible reports can be viewed online or exported to print or csv file.
  • Graphs show ‘at a glance` status and real time updates.

/ PLUS: These additional features when you Power-Up to MyDECK Centre

Document Manager

Document management system for all documents including your Employment Contracts and Handbooks.

Personnel Records

Secure and streamlined records management system for sensitive HR data. Compliant with Data Protection Regulations. Watch the video

Diary, To-Do Lists and Reminders with automated alerts

Improves workforce efficiency and communications.

Laws in the Pipeline

Upcoming legislation at a glance. Statutory employment laws and important tribunal decisions published weekly.

Personnel ‘self-service’ dashboards

Allow staff to request leave online and view documents and rotas. Streamlines management with real time access.


1) What is included in MyDECK Centre package?
This is a package designed to help businesses manage Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrolment. The full features are explained above. When you request a subscription you will receive a full breakdown of what is included plus the terms of service for your approval before you purchase.
2) How do I subscribe to MyDECK Centre?
Simply log into MyPAYE, select ‘Employer Details’, select ‘Enable MyDECK Centre‘, then click save. Our team will contact you via email.
3) What is the cost?
When you power up to MyDECK Centre your regular payments for payroll software stay the same and in addition you will be charged a subscription fee of £1.50 per employee per month, plus £10 per month per business for the support package.
4) How do I pay for my subscription?
You will receive a link to PayPal where you will confirm your subscription and payment will be taken monthly in advance.
5) What happens if I don’t have a PayPal account?
You will need to set one up. It’s easy to do and PayPal can take payments from any card or bank account so it’s very flexible.
6) When will I be able to access MyDECK Centre account?
Immediately after subscribing.
7) How quickly will I be contacted after subscribing?
We will usually contact you within 2 business days. Contact us on 01472 730778 if you would like to move things forward more quickly.
8) What if a client is a sole trader or husband and wife team?
If you have identified your business as not requiring a Workplace Pension Scheme we can provide you with a Basic Compliance service.
9) What if you are close to your staging date or you have passed the staging date without enrolling your staff?
We can help you as a priority and fast track your business on our Express Service.
10) Do you have to use MyPAYE payroll?
Yes. This is a complete service which eliminates the risks associated with handling CSV files.
11) How far in advance of my staging date should I power up to MyDECK Centre?
We recommend at least 6 months. During this time our Advisors will help you prepare for your staging date.
12) How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account and cancelling your payment.
13) How can I change my current subscription package?
If you want to change your subscription package call our customer service team on 01472 730778 and they will assist you.