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Pension PlayPen is Britain’s leading comparison and pension selection tool. MyPAYE have managed to negotiate a massive discount on the service for our clients. For a one off payment of £149 you can compare and select your workplace pension through Pension PlayPen, giving you complete peace of mind that you’ve fulfilled your workplace pensions obligation as an employer, while saving over £300 on the normal price.

Get The Right Workplace Pension

This tool will give you…

  • Offers from leading providers based on your data
  • Offers rated out of 100 based on your circumstances
  • Detailed fact sheets on each offer
  • Simple guidance to help you take the right decision

You must choose a qualifying pension before your staging date

Follow this process and we will help you choose the right workplace pension for your business.

We will tell you which providers will offer you a workplace pension

We have researched the market for workplace pensions and considered the complex requirements of each individual provider. We will analyse your data and quickly match you with workplace pension providers willing to offer you a scheme.

Our dynamic reports guide you through the buying process

Choose a Pension Report
This report has the background information you need to know to understand workplace pensions. It also contains all the offers made to you and any extra costs you need to consider before selecting your scheme. This report is also key to demonstrating to the Regulator and your stakeholders the due diligence you have followed to arrive at your scheme choice.

Provider Scrutiny
First Actuarial have looked at each provider and their products in great detail and this report gives a unique and valuable insight into each of those you have had an offer from. The report is wholly independent and unbiased.

Select your workplace pension scheme and get your Actuarial Certificate

Once you have read the reports you are ready to log back into Pension PlayPen to select your pension online. Once you have done this your Actuarial Certificate will be available for download. This certificate means you can fully justify your decision to the Regulator and stakeholders. The reports will also give you guidance on the next steps and implementation of your auto-enrolment journey.

Choose a Pension and due diligence

Analysis of your workforce

Our online system analyses your data.

Instant quotes from providers

We search the market to get you quotes from a range of top providers.

Quotes rated out of 100

Our actuarial ratings help you to evaluate the relative merits of each provider and their offer.

Provider Scrutiny Reports

Our crack team of actuaries have analysed the providers under a number of key requirements. Each quote will have detailed Provider Scrutiny attached to it.

Output Report on your choices

This document is your purchasing guide. It gives full details of how you should make your choice.

Choose a pension for your staff

Our actuaries review the whole of the market and our algorithms give each pension offer a score.

Audit trail

We supply you with all the information you might need to show the Regulator and your stakeholders in the future.

Actuarial certification

You will receive an Actuarial Certificate that gives comfort that you have done the right thing. This kind of confirmation is usually the result of thousands of pounds of consultancy work.

Due diligence

Our service is designed with due diligence in mind. By using our system, you can rest assured you have gone beyond the legal minimum requirements to select a workplace pension scheme and have appropriate records available to document your choice.